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we appreciate the steps taken by security personnel to intercept the theft at our site

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Management Security

Static Security / Banksman

  • Our Security Officers will control and monitor the movement of all vehicles, personnel and non-personnel to and from your site.

  • They will diligently apply their training to ensure that all property and people are protected.

  • They will normally operate from a gatehouse and often in conjunction with mobile patrols.

  • They will be smartly dressed in uniform and immediately identifiable as somebody in authority.

  • If required, our officers can carry out random searches of vehicles and personnel as a deterrent against theft.

  • Such searches will always be carried out in a courteous and efficient manner.

  • The officers will maintain log books in order to monitor site activities.

  • Registers will be kept for keys, lost property and any searches carried out.

  • Out of office hours, our security officers will answer all telephone calls and respond accordingly.

Construction Security

  • The security officer will advise the site manager that he is about to start his shift.

  • He will ask if any special requirements have been left, for example holding of keys or out of hour's access by members of staff.

  • The officer will patrol the whole of the site where accessible; checking windows, doors, gates etc.

  • Construction plant machinery will be checked and counted.

  • Any damage, unsecured windows or doors will be logged.

  • All vehicles on site at the start of the shift will be logged and any vehicle movement during the shift will also be monitored and logged.

  • Storage containers will be checked and logged if open.

  • Tools of value will be secured in a safe place if found.

  • Sites will be left secure, with all fences, doors, gates and windows checked.

  • Any site keys will be left where requested.

  • Security staff accommodation will be left clean and tidy.

  • At the end of their shift, no security officer will leave the site until requested to do so or a replacement has arrived.

Retail Security

  • This helps them cope with any difficult situation that may occur.

  • Their presence in the store is enhanced by a modern security uniform, which enables them to stand out amongst the crowd as a figure of authority.

  • We always provide continuity for all our retail customers.

  • This allows the customer to take advantage of our extensive training programme and give additional duties if required, integrating the officer into their staff team.

  • All members of Security Guards  are fully trained in all types of radio interlink systems, security tagging devices etc.

  • They are selected during training for their communication skill