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we appreciate the steps taken by security personnel to intercept the theft at our site

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EVERGREEN MANAGEMENT SERVICES (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED has always placed great emphasis for the past 9 Years in building long term partnerships with our customers. We will not compromise our standards of service delivery and will, through our regular liaison with our customers and staff alike, deliver a quality service, whilst acknowledging the need for 'Best Value' practices. We have invested heavily in developing employee skills and career opportunities and are totally committed to licensing of our staff in accordance with the Private Security Industry Act 2005. The Company prides itself on its culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Evergreen Security never takes its success for granted, protecting your business is our business and we strive to earn that right. Earning the loyalty or our customers and staff and then keeping it has made a vital contribution to our ongoing success.

Our Policy

     EGMS considers the Health and Safety of all our employees as a matter of utmost importance. Before a contract commences, our Operation Team will carry out a Risk Assessment' of the site. Regular site visits are made to check on any changes in the working environment. We provide induction training, supervision and appropriate protective clothing for our employees. Our aim is to ensure that the facilities being provided for them maintain acceptable levels of health and safety. If conditions drop below the standards required, request for any changes will be written and sent to the site manager on mutual concern.

     EGMS offers a wide range of services to a wide range of clients throughout South India. Whether you need security for your retail shop or your office etc., we will have a solution to fit your needs.

As a renowned supplier of quality Manned Guarding Services EGMS provides its diverse and wide - ranging customer base with suitably trained and qualified Security Officers. From initial award of Contract, our efforts are totally concentrated on assessing and recognizing the needs and idiosyncrasies of individual Customers and delivering a bespoke service for the achievement of the standards required.

We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any firm. That's why we work hard to ensure that our customers receive a quality of service that is second to none to guarantee that our reputation continues to build

We can meet any security needs of your and you may have with state-of-the-art equipment and professional services. Why EGMS is your logical choice for security services: We have 9 years of experience in the field of security guard management and can help you save time and money. Our network of screened security professionals are field-tested and have solid experience. This is why you will not take an unknown risk when EGMS is your business partner. In the event that you do not like a security contractor for any reason, all you have to do is call us for a replacement! 

If you are looking for a security guard company that provides bespoke, economical and highly professional security guard services in Tamil Nadu  then we can offer you a range of benefits:

  • Our team of Security Officers are carefully selected for each individual Customer. When selecting staff for individual Contracts our aim is always to provide a well balanced and professional TEAM who will, at all times, represent our Customers and the Company in a mutually beneficial way.

  • We are one of the most flexible and reliable security agencies

  • We can supply short notice security guards and night security

  • Guards

  • Our security guard rates are most competitive

  • We are a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week security company providing Standard and emergency security guard cover throughout the city, Pan Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka

  • Of all the security company, we are one of the most accommodating, tailoring security packages to suit specific requirements of Client

Our staff are well aware of the need to adapt to change and progress, often with little or no notice. Our methods of simple, but clear communication, ensures that the Customers needs are met with the minimum of fuss and disruption to normal routine.

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